Ashley Judd Face Accident: What Exactly Happened?

Ashley Judd Face Accident: What Exactly Happened?

A well-known actress who has been in a number of films and television programs is Ashley Judd. Her followers have recently been inquisitive about her appearance after she was spotted sporting a new look. Many people have suggested that she might have had plastic surgery or been in an accident. This article will go through Ashley Judd’s facial injuries and how she got into an accident.

What Happened To Ashley Judd’s Face

In February 2021, Ashley Judd traveled to the Democratic Republic of the Congo to assist with the Bonobo Conservation Initiative. She was engaged in an accident while she was here that severely injured her leg. She broke her leg in four places when she fell in the rainforest. She needed to be taken out of the jungle and to a hospital in South Africa for surgery.

Ashley Judd Face Accident: What Exactly Happened?

Ashley shared a photo of herself on Instagram after the procedure, displaying her bruised and puffy face. She clarified that she hadn’t had any plastic surgery or fillers and that the swelling was the result of trauma. She also thanked her supporters for being there for her as she recovered.

Ashley Judd’s Accident

When Ashley Judd tripped over a downed tree, she was in the Amazon searching for bonobos. She was unable to move since her leg was broken in four places. Until a group of people showed up to assist her, she lay on the ground for five hours. They brought her to a hospital in South Africa using a helicopter after three hours of carrying her on a stretcher through the jungle.

Ashley Judd Face Accident: What Exactly Happened?

Ashley had an eight-hour procedure to fix her broken leg. During the procedure, a metal rod was inserted into her leg, and screws were used to hold the bone together. Before being flown back to the United States for more care and rehabilitation, Ashley spent a number of weeks in the hospital.

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