Brooklyn Beckham Reaction To Selena Gomez: We Are A Throuple

Brooklyn pelts Beckham stopped by the Jennifer Hudson show and got pretty candid about his wife Nicola and her close friendship with Selena Gomez jokingly calling their Trio a Throuple, Brooklyn Said: “She’s such a sweet girl and she’s a very sweet girl obviously very talented and you know I love when my wife makes new friends especially like really great friends and you know we all get along so um yeah“.

Brooklyn Beckham Reaction To Selena Gomez: We Are A Throuple

Who Dont wanna be friends with Selena Gomez meanwhile Nicola previously spoke with Cosmopolitan about her friendship with Gomez sharing” I had met her once passing a few years ago and we all went to this event in September he just clicked and had the best time and then we became super close I feel like she’s my soul sister I love her so much I feel like I’ve known her forever“.

while we love the throttle friendship that is BrooklynNicola and Selena we can’t help but adore the OG couple especially after Beckham shared his new tattoo dedicated to his wife of nearly one year.

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