BTS’s Jimin Dominates The Billboard Top Hot 100 With His Debut Song Crazy Like

BTS Jimin’s new single like crazy has debuted on a billboard topping the Hot 100 chart now, The latest achievement makes Jimin the first K-pop solo artist to accomplish the feat are easing that has more.

BTS as a group may be on Hiatus but individual members have been successfully launching their solo careers this includes Jimin who made history on Monday when a single like Crazy from his album Face topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

BTS's Jimin Dominates The Billboard Top Hot 100 With His Debut Song Crazy Like

Jimmy becomes the very first solo K-pop artist to top the billboard height 100, According to Billboard the song also topped the digital single sales chart with combined sales of 254 000 song downloads and CD singles the chart-topping single was released on March 24th with the track coming from Jimin’s debut solo album which debuted at number two on the billboard 200 album charts.

Before Jimin Psy reached number two on the Billboard Hot 100 with his 2012 hit Gangnam Style like crazy has a very 1970 sound with a synth-pop theme and jimin participated directly in the songwriting process according to the artist himself the song is about expressing the emotions of the moment when you turn away from reality to forget your scars.

He added that his debut album was inspired by emotions felt during the three plus years of the corvid-19 pandemic music Craig said she means success on the Billboard Chart is further proof of BTS’s global success while adding that synth Pop’s unique retro atmosphere and comfortableMelodies are easily approachable for global music fans news.

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