Chris Rock Said ” I’am Not A Victim ” Recalling Will Smith’s Oscars slap in Netflix special

Chris Rock’s contentious 2022 Oscars hosting stint is still being talked about, especially in light of his most recent Netflix special in which he referenced Will Smith’s Oscar slap. Now it’s time to put this disagreement behind us and concentrate on more important issues.

The 2022 Academy Awards received criticism for the lack of diversity in the list of nominees. In his opening monologue, Chris Rock, who that year served as host of the awards show, addressed the matter. However, some people found his humor to be offensive. His quips were criticized by others as being offensive, and the debate continued.

Chris Rock Said " I'am Not A Victim "

Chris Rock described the event where Will Smith hit him backstage after the performance as a “nice slap” in his most recent Netflix special. This has reignited the dispute, but it’s critical to comprehend the situation and move past it.

At the Netflix special, Rock said, “You all know what happened to me, getting whacked by Shug Smith. Rock continued. “It still hurts. I couldn’t get “Summertime” out of my thoughts. I’m not a victim, though. Never again will I be seen crying on Gayle or Oprah. I handled it just like Pacquiao.”


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