Clermont Twins Before & After Plastic Surgery, Photos, Controversy, Rise & Downfall

before the Claremont twins would rise to fame after their short-lived appearance on season 14 of Oxygen’s bad girl’s club before the Claremont twins would appear in music videos for Future and Nicki Minaj before the Claremont twins would have over 11 000 subscribers on youtube52.8 thousand followers on Twitter and over 1.6million followers on Instagram at the time of this recording.

we have officially reached the point where social media has become the most prevalent platform in the world regular everyday people now have it fully within their own control to turn themselves into models, vloggers musicians, and even fashion designers based upon their Instagram follower account and the type of content they create.

Shannon and Janae Claremont are no different these two Haitian Jamaican twins first dropped into our lives thanks to bad girls club and ever since then they’ve been popping up everywhere else music videos time script billboards, terry richards on photo shoots, and even Yeezy campaigns, making no mistake the Claremont twins are a glamorous force but they’ve also managed to harness their notoriety as a launch pad to build a career on their own terms.

Clermont Twins Before & After Plastic Surgery:

Clermont Twins Before & After Plastic Surgery


World Reaction of  Clermont Twins Surjury:

“The Clermont twins know that the more surgery they get, the more attention they get. It’s completely intentional and for money purposes,” said @thedosagebrand.

“I’m all for cosmetic surgery, but I worry about The Clermont Twins, Aubrey O’Day, and others who are just CONSTANTLY morphing and changing. I want them to feel like they’re enough Woozy face bc eventually it goes wrong,” added @officialtaygray.

“Can I be honest? they’re eating up the bimbofication aesthetic. Like, critical thought aside, they’re doing a great job. I don’t think their goal is to look ‘natural’,” said @thedigitaldash_.

What Was Shannade Clermont Controversy

Clermont Twins Before & After Plastic Surgery

In 2018, Shannade Clermont, a former reality TV star and model, found herself in the midst of a scandalous incident, resulting in her arrest and charges of fraud and identity theft. The charges stemmed from allegations that she had pilfered credit card information from a client who had hired her as a prostitute. Her guilty plea at the trial resulted in her sentencing to one year in prison in 2019.

Since her release, Shannade has chosen to maintain a lower profile, focusing her attention on rebuilding her life and career. In contrast, Shannon, her twin sister, has continued to pursue her modeling career while also branching out into music. In 2021, Shannon marked her debut in the music industry by releasing her single “Euphoria.”

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