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Fix Critical Error Has Occurred In Valorant Quickly

Fix Critical Error Has Occurred In Valorant Quickly

Valorant, a multiplayer online first-person shooter game that has gained widespread popularity, is not immune to errors and bugs that can disrupt gameplay. One of the most common errors that Valorant players encounter is the “Critical Error Has Occurred” message, which can be quite frustrating as it often leads to the game crashing, thus preventing players from continuing their gaming experience.

However, there is no need to panic if you experience this error, as there are several solutions that you can employ to fix it. In this article, we will delve into some of the most effective methods to tackle the “Critical Error Has Occurred” error in Valorant.

Fix The Valorant Critical Error Has Occurred By Restarting The System:

The first and simplest solution to this issue is to restart your computer. The error can be attributed to temporary glitches in the game’s files or system processes, which restarting your PC can help clear, thus resolving the error.

Update Valorant To Fix The Critical Error Has Occurred:

Fix Critical Error Has Occurred In Valorant Quickly

Another solution worth exploring is checking for updates to ensure that you have the latest version of Valorant installed on your PC. Developers often release updates to address bugs and errors in the game, and checking for updates is an effective way to fix this particular error. To check for updates, open the Riot Games Launcher and click on the Valorant game icon. If an update is available, it will appear in the top-right corner of the game icon.

Verify Game Files To Fix Critical Error Has Occurred

Verifying game files is yet another viable solution to this error. The verification process checks if there are any corrupt or missing files in the game’s installation folder and will automatically replace them if needed. To do this, open the Riot Games Launcher, click on the Valorant game icon, and click on the gear icon next to the “Play” button. Then click on “Verify” and wait for the process to complete.

Update Graphic Drivers To Fix Critical Error Has Occurred

Fix Critical Error Has Occurred In Valorant Quickly

Updating graphics drivers can also help fix the “Critical Error Has Occurred” message in Valorant. Outdated or corrupted graphics drivers can cause this error, making it necessary to download and install the latest driver for your graphics card from your graphics card manufacturer’s website (such as NVIDIA or AMD). After installing the driver, it is important to restart your PC before launching the game again.

Lastly, running the game as an administrator can also help resolve the error. Right-clicking on the Valorant game icon and selecting “Run as administrator” will give the game full access to your computer’s resources and may resolve any permission-related issues that may be causing the error.

In conclusion, if you experience the “Critical Error Has Occurred” message in Valorant, there are several effective solutions to explore, including restarting your PC, checking for updates, verifying game files, updating graphics drivers, and running the game as an administrator.

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