Gilmore Girls Fans Love Episodes That Focus On Lorelai And Emily’s Dynamic – Looper


“Gilmore Girls” was primarily about the trials and tribulations in parent-child relationships, as seen through the eyes of three generations of women. The close bond between Lorelai and Rory was in stark contrast to Emily’s bond with her adult daughter. But the two elder Gilmores were not without some touching mother-daughter scenes that fans have pointed out.

@mz_zina tweeted, “I need a rewatch, the scene I want to watch is when Lorelai and Emily volunteered to walk the runway and they walked to girls just wanna have fun at the hotel Lorelai managed. Gilmore girls >…,” and pointed to a GIF of Rory talking to a friend.

But Lorelai and Emily’s dynamic was also not without its emotional significance, with @cvntlverrr pointing out how the two dispelled the myth of “Gilmore Girls” being a comfort show due to their need to cry after watching most of their scenes together.

Much of this viewer response is thanks to the actors highlighted on a thread discussing the pair on the program’s subreddit page. Redditor u/Gimorestan22 commented on the dynamic between Lauren Graham and Kelly Bishop that Graham spoke about in her 2016 book “Talking as Fast as I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls (and Everything in Between).” The close bond between the two performers provided audiences with the unforgettable chemistry fans still cannot get enough of. 


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