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How To Increase Epic Games Download Speed

How To Increase Epic Games Download Speed

Today I’ll be showcasing how you can increase your download speed within the Epic games launcher, so if you’ve got slow speeds when downloading games or game updates after reading this guide you should see a huge improvement in your download speed.

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  • So first things first on your desktop press the Windows key and R at the same time.
  • Inside of here type in the percentage sign Local app data and the percentage sign again.
  • Inside the local folder, you want to find the epic games launcher, open up that and you want to go on to save then you want to go into config then you want to go into Windows, and then inside the engine config.
  • You want to go ahead right click on that edit or just double-click on it and then this should open up the engine file.
  • Now yours might be empty or it may have a text symbol, what you want to do is delete that and paste in this Command
  • HTTP] HttpTimeout=10 HttpConnectionTimeout=10 HttpReceiveTimeout=10 HttpSendTimeout=10 [Portal.BuildPatch] ChunkDownloads=3 ChunkRetries=20 RetryTime=0.5
  • So make sure the format is the exact same then press on file press on Save.

Increase Epic Games Downloading Speed By Disabling Throttle Downloads

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How To Increase Epic Games Download Speed

Now, You need to do is go over to your desktop again and press Ctrl alt delete and you want to click on task manager then inside task manager under the details tab, you want to go ahead and find the epic games launcher.

you want to right-click on that set priority and you want to change it from the default normal to high, It’ll ask if you want to change the priority just click change priority and that will set your Epic games launcher to high priority from the default normal one which should help out.

Now, you need to open up the epic games launcher you want to click on your profile in the top right-hand corner then go into settings inside of settings you want to scroll down and make sure that throttle downloads are unchecked because epic games say that this set and provides people who have limited bandwidth with the opportunity to perform installs and updates over a longer time period without having to consume all of their bandwidth which basically means that you can set a top speed.

so it doesn’t hog up all your bandwidth so you can do other stuff while you’re downloading but foremost of you out there you do not want to have this set and turned on but if you do have it unchecked your speed should be a lot faster.

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