How To Make Clay In Little Alchemy 2? Modfixed

Little Alchemy 2 is a frequently done genre of flash games where you can combine different elements and materials to create new materials, In the start of the game you get the four most classical elements, Air, water, and fire, and each and after combining the elements with each other will eventually get you a variety of different elements results.

For example, combining fire and water will get you steam, Combining earth and fire will give you brick which will help you create walls and houses.

What Can I Create With Clay In Little Alchemy 2?

With the help of clay elements, You can create bricks and walls, Players have to make multiple bricks and combine them to create a wall and then again combine walls in order to create a house, You can go as far as you think

How To Make Clay In Little Alchemy 2? 

How To Make Clay In Little Alchemy 2?

  • Firstly, Get yourself some water and earth and mix them together in order to create the mud
  • Secondly, You gonna use the Earth again in order to create Lava, Just mix Earth with fire.
  • Now the most important step, Many players use water to cool the lava down to create the stone, But you have to understand, Using water on lava will steam it and not cool it down, You have to use Air with Lava to cool it down, And that’s how you get the stone.
  • Now lastly, You are all done, Just mix the mud with the stone and your Clay is ready. Ismt is very simple?

Now there are many possible recipes and tricks that players can do in little alchemy 2 and this is all about fun and adventure that a user may wanna do. Here’s the list of mixtures that will ultimately make you clay.

  • Rock and Mineral
  • Mud and Sand
  • Mud and Stone
  • Stone and Liquid
  • Stone and Mineral
  • Sand and Mineral
  • Liquid and Rock

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