Is Leonardo Dicaprio And Neelam Gill Dating?

Is Leonardo Dicaprio And Neelam Gill Dating?

We have some exciting Hollywood gossip to share with you, According to, There are some rumors going on for a couple of days not, Is Leonardo DiCaprio dating model Neelam Gill? let’s dive into the details and find out, Recently Leonardo DiCaprio the acclaimed actor, and Neelam Gill a stunning Indian-origin British model have been seen together on multiple occasions sparking rumors about their relationship status, last Friday the pair were spotted together on a luxurious yacht in Sardinia.

Is Leonardo Dicaprio And Neelam Gill Dating?

The paparazzi went into a frenzy wondering if the two are an item but hold on Neelam Gill quickly took to her Instagram story to address the speculations in her post, She clarified that she is not Leonardo DiCaprio’s new flame instead she revealed that she is in a committed relationship with DiCaprio’s good friend and they’d been together for several months now, In her own words Gill stated “just to clear up any rumors I am not Leonardo DiCaprio’s new flame in fact I am in a committed relationship with his good friend and have been for many months now” she went on to explain that the reason they were seen together is that she was accompanying her partner during those outings.

This is not the first time the model and the actor were seen together, In June Neelam Gill was spotted with Leonardo DiCaprio and his mother leaving a restaurant in London however their encounters were purely platonic. now let’s talk about Leonardo DiCaprio’s own dating rumors speculations were Rife that he was romantically involved with supermodel Gigi Hadid however it was later reported that their supposed romance had fizzled out but wait, The rumor mill is turning again, recently the27-year-old Gigi Hadid and the famous actor were seen together having a great time at a Hampton’s party.

This sighting has rekindled the speculations about their relationship status Leonardo DiCaprio is no stranger to dating rumors over the years he has been linked to several other models in addition to Gigi Hadid, so there you have it, Neelam Gilland Leonardo DiCaprio are not romantically involved as confirmed by herself but the Hollywood heart throb’s dating life continues to be a hot topic for the media and fans alike we’ll keep you updated on any new developments.

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