Shaq In Hospital: Did The Hip Surgery Went Well?

Shaq had his fans scared when he tweeted out a photo of himself in a hospital bed on Sunday night (19-3-2023) because at the time shaq didn’t really go into the details about why is he in a hospital, He just wrote a message to his TNT Co-host telling Johnson and Candace parker that he misses them and he’s always watching and as of now that viral photo had over 6.5 million views and 34 thousand likes.

All of his fans responded with good wishes and pray for his speedy recovery and supportive messages, As it turns the mastery of this hospital stay may be soft now, According to TMZ Shaq who turned 51 years old recently said that he underwent hip surgery this weekend and is now on the mend but as of now it pretty unclear when he will be back on TV, TMZ said that there’s no time table for his return now.

Shaq In Hospital: Did The Hip Surgery Went Well?

Shaq has earlier discussed the procedure earlier this month on his podcast and said that after the surgery he will be going on a diet and getting shredded, Well this is all we know now, You can tell us your thoughts on this in the comment section below.


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