Stephen Bear Jailed For 21 Years For Sharing His Gf’s Sex Tape

In this article, we will discuss Stephen Bear’s sentencing after he was found guilty of releasing a sex tape of his ex-girlfriend on OnlyFans. Bear received a 15-month prison term and an additional 15 months of probation.

The Incident

Stephen Bear Jailed For 21

Bear released a video of himself having sex with his ex-girlfriend in October 2020 on his OnlyFans account. The woman reported the incident to the police since she did not give her permission for the video to be recorded or shared. Bear was detained and accused of voyeurism and publishing private sexual images and videos with the goal of torment.

The Trial

Bear refuted the accusations against him, saying that the woman had given her permission for the film to be recorded and shared. But the judge decided that he was convicted on both charges. The court referred to Bear’s behavior as “vindictive and unpleasant,” and claimed that he had displayed no remorse.

The Sentencing

Stephen Bear Jailed For 21

The prosecution asserted during the sentencing hearing that Bear had a history of acting “sexually exploitative” towards women. Bear was a “harmless moron,” according to the defense, who erred. This argument was dismissed by the judge, who claimed that Bear had acted with “cynical disdain” for the woman’s privacy.

The use of OnlyFans and other platforms for the exchange of sexually explicit content is affected in significant ways by this case. It emphasizes the significance of getting permission before sharing private photos or videos, as well as the potential legal repercussions of doing so.


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