Ted Lasso Theory: Roy And Keeley Will Reunite, All Thanks To Jamie – Looper


Like the fans, Phoebe (Elodie Blomfield) has already questioned Roy’s stupid decision to separate from Keeley. And while no one can give a clear answer on the genesis of the breakup, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a reason. After Roy tells Ted (Jason Sudeikis) why he left Chelsea, his boss gives him some insightful wisdom.

“A lot of folks think it’s better to quit than be fired,” Ted says wisely. Brett Goldstein would probably agree with this sentiment, as he told Collider. “The whole concept is heartbreaking. Roy is a very private person, and I think it comes from a place of, he doesn’t think he’s worthy of love. He doesn’t think he deserves happiness.” Better to break it off now. But Roy needs to get past this emotional immaturity to be truly happy. And the person who knows most about emotional immaturity is Jamie.

Already, Jamie is leaps and bounds from the self-centered person he was in Season 1. He knows what he wants and is open to criticism. He now gets up at four in the morning to train and follows instructions without complaint. Somehow, Jamie has surpassed Roy in the maturity department and has the clarity to show him the way. Already, the athlete has taught Roy modern colloquialisms, such as the right way to say “prima donna.” He is on the right path to teaching Roy how to live his best life. Roy just doesn’t know it yet.


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